Selected Works

First Night's

Tender heart so fresh, so full with your first
and truest love given me so readily,

that with yours mine flows o'er fit to burst,

yet we burn as nights embers, steadily.

Faint shadows cast upon the floor do in

their final hour coax those sensual hues

that let no voyeur mistake our love for sin,

for never has one purer been, my muse.

Forevermore I'll hold you next to me,

resting fast on supple leather couch's tufts,

ever entwined in peaceful ecstasy.

This carnal tantricity ne'er enough

As breath draws into breath our hearts do join

your virgin lips caress my skin, their warmth

spreads burning heat deep within your fresh loins

We, in desire met and sated, find mirth.

Blaze fast as you kiss tenderly and trail

along my nape and jaw your love's footprints.

our labor's sign, you mark me head to tail.

Rest, slow burning, and marvel at trace hints.

Tit for Tat

No sum nor honor could to you compare.

This fact well I know to be true my love.

Nor well would any man or woman fare

to best hearts so blessed from high above

And in your eyes does shine a light to pale

The very sun that 'round we swing in time

and does inspire a will that cannot fail

in me to twist the very world to rhyme

So that you might enjoy the melody

of soft sweet whispered words as breaths do pass

and savor so the warmth inside of me

while to your body still you hold me fast

For, trust, my love, the world I'll give to thee.

Tis fair, for you have done the same for me.

Haiku 16 [d3]

Eternity's slow march

Is worth the prize of your love

I will wait, my Lamb

Cacao Baths and Silver Clouds

Your eyes like chocolate pools, melting sweet

as shimmer clouds do from your lips escape

Gently gasp as my lips your skin do meet -

sigh as my way I trace down to your nape.

Warm breath from me carries a silver cloud

into your open waiting silken lips.

Fast to my body pressed, I hold you proud

as my firm grip does pull upon your hips.

My paws upon your tender body rest

while you whine my name in light dimming fast.

Young boy for whom my heart does make its nest

I will adore you til I breathe my last -

I hope mine not to come before your own.

Such darkness need not in your life be known.